Number 5:
Erik Riss

Date of Birth: 13/09/1995

Age: 23

Birth Place: Memmingen, Germany

Nationality: German

Official Website:

Erik Riss will line up in 2017 for his third season with Monarchs.

Last year he increased his average by 1.5 points, won the World Longtrack Championship for the second time and reached the World Under-21 Final – but he wasn’t satisfied!

He said “I’m pretty sure I will raise my average again in 2017. I thought I was going to be better this year, my plan was to be better than I was. I started the season really well then when the Longtrack started, it didn’t help me.

“When you are in a World Championship you have to put in a lot of mental energy, and my focus was missing on the speedway then. I just need to find the balance for next season, and keep my focus on everything.”

He should be well set up mechanically with one addition to his stable of machinery. “I was pretty happy with my machinery and am not planning any changes. I get a new engine for becoming World Champion, a sponsorship from GM, and this will be a speedway engine which I will send to Peter Johns – I am happy with him.

“I have three tuners I work with, the others being Marcel Gerhard and Joachim Kugelmann.”

“Above all it is Erik’s intention to enjoy the forthcoming season. “I will be riding for Landshut in Germany again. I was looking for a club in the UK Premiership, but no-one was interested. That doesn’t frustrate me, it just shows me that I need to score more points. Maybe I will get something later in the season.

“I think this year will be a bit different because I don’t have the Under-21 any more. I have about 10 meetings less and I will stay in the UK a bit more. I didn’t like so much travel during last year and the job wasn’t fun any more. I want my job to be fun!”