British Youth Championship
Saturday 14th August 2021
Individual - Armadale Stadium

Edinburgh like to be involved in the British Youth Championship and staged the fourth leg of the 2021 event this afternoon, a very enjoyable afternoon of speedway and a chance to see the riders coming through on the British Speedway scene.

We don't know if the next Tai Woffinden was there today – but don't rule it out, there were some very fast and stylish performers on show. And what we definitely can say is that there will be a number of future members of British League teams amongst the young guys on show today.

The only glitch in very enjoyable event was a tumble in heat 3, the 250cc class, which landed Freddy Hodder with a suspected broken collar bone, and also necessitated a delay of maybe half an hour in proceedings. Freddy had been lying third in the heat after Ace Pijper had come through to second off a 15 metre handicap, but Freddy high-sided and landed heavily.

In spite of that long delay the 29 heats were still run in under three hours. It was interesting to watch the developing styles of all the young riders, and maybe try to remember what these same guys were like last year. There were certainly some major improvers.

Ben Trigger was probably the star of the show with four remarkably impressive wins in the 500cc category, and he looked even better than the Leicester Cubs second string which he currently is. Max Perry gave him a run for it and is also an excellent prospect. Luke Harrison was tops in the very competitive 250cc category in which Sonny Springer and Max James also impressed.

The 125cc group was hard fought also and Stene Pijper produced his best ride when it mattered, in the final, to topple highest scorer Jamie Etherington.

Some of the results were quite easy to predict but some of the best tussles were for minor placings. There were a few non-finishers both for falls and for mechanical problems, and those who were left to rue such things included Ace Pijper in the 250cc event and Cooper Rushen in the 125cc A group who scored 5 from two finishes along with two retirals.

In the end the results of the four group finals were:

125cc Group B: Edward Davison, Harry Fletcher, Casper Kluczniak, Seb Norman

125cc Group A: Stene Pijper, Jamie Etherington, Oliver Bovingdon, Archie Rolph

250cc: Luke Harrison, Sonny Springer. William Cairns, Max James (f)

500cc: Ben Trigger, Max Perry, Alex Goldsbrough