SGB Championship Table

SGB Championship Shield Table

Rider Averages

Statistic Notes

League Scoring System

  • Home loss by any amount of points = 0
  • Home draw = 1
  • Home win by any amount of points = 3
  • Away loss by 7 points or more = 0
  • Away loss by 6 points or less = 1
  • Away draw = 2
  • Away win by between 1 and 6 points = 3
  • Away win by 7 points or more = 4


  • Each team meets each other twice home and twice away.
  • The top four teams then progress to the play-offs to decide the winner of the Championship.
  • Every Play-Off tie will be raced on a knockout basis over two legs.
  • In the event of a tie on aggregate in the any play-off match, the outcome will be determined by the Golden Heats Format.

Rider Averages

The AVE. column is averages including bonus points & GSA column is averages excluding bonus points.

Official greensheet averages for 2017 do not include bonus points.