Race of the Season

We've selected 14 of the best races from the 2018 season at Armadale Stadium. You can view them below and vote for your favourite at the bottom of this page.

These and many others will be shown on the big screen at the Home Highlights Show on Friday 7th December at The Music Box from 7:30pm. Join us to find out which race you voted the best of the 2018 season! You can book ticket via our online ticketing website here.

To watch any of the races again, just hit the replay button () in the player.

Race 1
Edinburgh v Peterborugh, Heat: 2
Friday 4th May
Race 2
Edinburgh v Peterborugh, Heat: 13
Friday 4th May
Race 3
Harrisons Scottish Open 2018, Heat: Final
Friday 11th May
Race 4
Edinburgh v Glasgow, Heat: 12
Friday 25th May
Race 5
Platinum Jubilee, Heat: 16
Friday 22nd June
Race 6
Edinburgh v Berwick, Heat: 12
Friday 29th June
Race 7
Edinburgh v Ipswich, Heat: 1
Friday 13th July
Race 8
Edinburgh v Ipswich, Heat: 11
Friday 13th July
Race 9
Edinburgh v Redcar, Heat: 10
Friday 27th July
Race 10
Edinburgh v Sheffield, Heat: 4
Friday 17th August
Race 11
Edinburgh v Workington, Heat: 11
Friday 31st August
Race 12
Edinburgh v Berwick, Heat: 13
Friday 14th September
Race 13
Edinburgh v Workington, Heat: 12
Friday 28th September
Race 14
Edinburgh v Glasgow, Heat: 12
Friday 5th October