Mascot: Ed the Monarch

Age: A lion never tells. He is young at heart though!

Birth Place: Armadale, Soweto, South Africa

He discovered that chasing the Glasgow Tigers was even more fun than chasing real tigers! After he saw his first Speedway race he was hooked on the excitement, the noise and the adrenaline rush of watching 4 riders battle it out for 4 laps going sideways with no brakes!

Ed loved it so much he decided he wanted to support the Monarchs every Friday and now lives in the Monarchs' Castle at Armadale Stadium. He spends his weeks helping to clean the pits, prepare the track (he loves driving the Tractor!) and fix the riders bikes. He is not very good at fixing bikes because his paws can't get into all the little parts of the engine but he is so enthusiastic and keen to help the Monarchs that the riders let him help with the easy jobs anyway. He is an expert at warming up bikes. He likes to hear the "roar" of the bikes as it reminds him of his family back home!!

Ed is so enthusiastic about the Monarchs that he talks about the speedway all week. He lives for his Friday night fix of excitement when all his Monarchs friends come to see him at the Monarchs' castle. Being a "Monarch" and the official "King" of the Monarchs' castle, you would expect Ed to be regal and reserved. That might have been the case before he discovered the excitement of Speedway, but now he cannot help himself when the Monarchs are in action. He is prone to losing his cool and getting very excitable and animated on a Friday night. He can be a bit of a show-off too. Especially when the Monarchs are winning!

Ed is in his element when he gets to watch the Monarchs winning an exciting speedway match in front of a packed and noisy Armadale Stadium. When it's not a Friday, Ed spends most of his time thinking up ways to get as many of his Monarchs friends to come and visit him and watch the team for the next match. He wants everyone to enjoy their Friday nights at the Monarchs' castle as much as he does. The more people that come to see him and the Monarchs, the happier Ed is!

Because Ed lives in the Monarchs' Castle (and also because he is so nosey!) he finds out lots of interesting behind-the-scenes information about the Monarchs. He loves to gossip and share his knowledge and opinions with his fellow Monarchs' fans. So watch out for his weekly programme column and regular updates throughout the season. He is also on the look-out for a mobile phone with extra big buttons so he can tweet about the Monarchs but we may have to help him with that!