Number 4:
Joel Andersson

Date of Birth: 10/04/1996

Age: 23

Birth Place: Hardemo, Sweden

Race Winning Song: Does Your Mother Know by Abba

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Former Swedish Under-21 Champion returns for his second season as a Monarch on what appears to be a handy average.

He admitted he found it hard in the early stages of his debut season. “Last season was really fun. I had a really rough start to the season but in the middle of the season it started to be more fun. I learned a lot so that’s good.

“When you get your head around it and learn how to ride it, you can basically beat anyone there. When you get the corner right you just fly down the straight, I love it!

“Now when I go to away tracks it won’t be the first time I’m there. I know the basis of how to ride these tracks now, though I know there are some new tracks for the 2019 season.”

Of the newcomers to the team it is actually Cameron Heeps that Joel knows better than former Monarch Sedgmen. “I met Cameron Heeps in Australia last year when I was over, he lives in Perth and we chatted there. This year I’m staying home to get some money together.

“Justin I say hello to and I remember I raced against him in Avesta.

“As for machinery, I will use the same bikes just freshen up some stuff. But I will get some new engines.

“It’s good people round the track. I really enjoy it and I am looking forward to going back.”