Number 2:
Justin Sedgmen

Date of Birth: 17/02/1992

Age: 27

Birth Place: Mildura, Australia

Race Winning Song: Victoria by The Kinks

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Justin Sedgmen is our first signing for the 2019 season – and he reminded us that he was the first name in the 2015 team as well!

Of course he is a well established figure in British Speedway and also in the ranks of the Monarchs, with numerous trophy successes during his two seasons with us previously, 2014 and 2015. He was Scottish Open Champion in 2017.

He said “I want to go back to Edinburgh and do a good job. Edinburgh needs to get that fun atmosphere back. Looking from the outside it hasn’t seemed the same in the last three years as it was in 2014 and 15.

“Hopefully I can bring something to the table that helps bring that atmosphere back, and we can win some trophies. That was the thing in those two seasons, it was just so fun, there was no pressure, we were just going out and having fun riding our bikes. We had great support from the fans at Edinburgh and it was the greatest two years of my racing career, I’d definitely say that.

“Even when I was riding with Cookie, numbers one and two, I enjoyed riding with Cookie when perhaps others in the team didn’t want to.”

Anyone present will remember the aftermath of the second successive title win when Sedgmen danced on the table in the bar. He recalled “That was pretty fun, someone had to steal the show somehow! Obviously there’s been some very good memories at Edinburgh, they are the memories that you remember and that’s why I want to race for Edinburgh, the times we had when we won and were so successful was the time of our lives.

“I believe that we can recapture it again. You can’t be on top forever and Edinburgh have had three less successful years, I hope we can turn it round for 2019. Not that the guys in the last three years have done a bad job but it’s all swings and roundabouts.”