Number 3:
Mark Riss

Date of Birth: 13/09/1994

Age: 23

Birth Place: Memmingen

Nationality: German

Official Website:

Mark Riss will line up for his second season with Monarchs in 2017.

Mark joined the team in June last season and after a period of adjustment his form home and away improved. He is confident that he will have a successful time next summer, saying “It was a learning process for my first year, different from Germany. It was hard to get into it but I felt quite comfortable in the end. I can do a lot better next year. I have got the Armadale track dialled in now, and I really like it. I feel I can ride outside and inside.”

While four of the team have yet to be announced, it is quite likely that Mark will start at reserve on a 4-point average.

He added “I am very pleased to be back with the Monarchs. I haven’t talked with Ricky Wells yet but I think he is a nice guy. I think it would be good if I can start at reserve and get more points at the beginning. I would feel comfortable then when I went into the team at maybe number 3 or 4.”

Preparations for the elder Riss will start next month. “I have not really started building my bikes yet, I will think about it in January. I will be riding again for Landshut in Germany and I may get some guest rides for Slangerup in Denmark.”