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NEWS Saturday 10th December 2005, 10:00am

by Mike Hunter

The first three definite team members for Monarchs 2006 were announced at last night's Video Night at the Thomas Morton Hall.

John Campbell and Alex Harkess did their usual interval stint, and the first announcement was that DEREK SNEDDON's earlier offer of a team place had been confirmed when he reached agreement with the club for the new season. This had never really been in any doubt but it was good to hear it confirmed.

Next Heather Robertson and Alex Harkess did a double act which involved a misheard telephone call by Heather corrected by Alex (you had to be there) and ended with confirmation that MATT WETHERS will be in the side next season.

Thirdly, though he wasn't there due to pressure of work, WILLIAM LAWSON will be back in Monarchs' colours next year, with Monarchs' asset Christian Henry continuing to ride for Newcastle in exchange.

Derek is a Grade A reserve, so Monarchs must find a grade C to ride with him. Dale Devils Sean Stoddart, Andrew Tully, Gary Beaton and Adam McKinna are amongst this list.

The combined averages of Matt and William (without bonus) are 9.14 leaving 23.86 for the top three. Now we just need to find them!