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NEWS Thursday 29th June 2006, 10:40am

by Mike Hunter

The team who have just dumped the Scotwaste Monarchs out of the Cup, Newport Wasps, return for a Premier League fixture at Armadale on Friday.

They have experienced Mark Lemon standing in for injured Craig Watson, and are otherwise at full strength. Monarchs will use rider replacement for Henrik Moller who is in Denmark riding in the first of two meetings which make up the Danish Championship for 2006.


After losing Henrik Moller with bruising to his hip in heat one at Newport, Monarchs failed to produce the kind of performance the club hoped for and slumped to a 55-31 defeat over the 14 heats completed.

This meant an aggregate defeat by 95-87. Newport go on to meet Sheffield and Monarchs make their exit for 2006.

It is obvious that considerable improvement will be needed to ensure a successful league campaign.


Monarchs were due at King's Lynn next Wednesday in the Premier League ? and would have gone on to Sheffield in the KO Cup had they defeated Newport.

Of course they will not be going to Sheffield ? and King's Lynn is off now also as the Stars have decided not to run in opposition to the possible England semi-final in the World Cup.


Three Edinburgh riders were involved in crashes at Newport, but as hoped on the night none will keep the riders concerned out of action.

Henrik Moller crashed in heat 1 and was ruled out of the match. He was taken to Hospital but released, and has bruising to his hip. This will not stop him riding in Denmark on Friday.

In an unpleasant heat 15 pile-up both William Lawson and Matthew Wethers were brought down, Lawson injuring his leg and Wethers his thumb.

The injuries were painful but they will not miss any action, indeed Lawson rode for Wolverhampton at Belle Vue on Wednesday.

Neither Henrik Moller nor Rusty Harrison have Scandanavian fixtures this week.


Monarchs' team sponsors Scotwaste are meeting sponsors on Friday.

TEAMS FOR THE PREMIER LEAGUE MATCH AT ARMADALE ON FRIDAY 30th JUNE (start time 7.30, doors open 6.30) are:

EDINBURGH SCOTWASTE MONARCHS: Rider replacement for Henrik Moller, Theo Pijper (capt.), Matthew Wethers, William Lawson, Rusty Harrison, Sean Stoddart, Derek Sneddon.

NEWPORT EVEREST GROUP WASPS: Mark Lemon, Chris Schramm, Neil Collins, Tony Atkin, Carl Wilkinson, Joel Parsons, Billy Legg.

ATTRACTIVE WASPS: Recent visits by Newport have resulted in enjoyable matches full of good racing, and Friday should be no difference.

It wouldn't make any sense to talk of Monarchs looking for revenge for their cup defeat, because they are two separate matters, but obviously a win is essential and an aggregate bonus point would be very welcome ? but also extremely hard as Newport won their home leg by 31 points!

By calling in Stoke's Mark Lemon as a guest Newport should ensure a good score from no. 1, and both Neil Collins and Carl Wilkinson are good performers at Armadale.

Parsons is a good reserve, and both Schramm and Atkin have ridden well at times at the track without scoring well, and realistically the bonus point seems a long way off.

LAST WEEK'S MEETING: Monarchs beat Sheffield 52-44 in a League match last Friday. William Lawson made a successful comeback from injury with 12 points, a score matched by Rusty Harrison.

NEXT WEEK'S MEETING: The visitors on 7th July in a Premier League match will be last year's champions Rye House Rockets, still formidable opposition.