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NEWS Thursday 29th June 2006, 10:00am

by Mike Hunter

Friday night will be a unique opportunity for fans to win some cash during the Scotwaste Monarchs' league match against Newport.

Anyone coming through the turnstiles or buying a programme will receive a form for the Monarchs' unique gambling game, the Monarchs' Golden Double.

For one night only, we are offering FREE ?1 bets on BOTH the games - Spot the Score and the Hoskins' Hat Trick.

(You can bet more on Spot the Score but you pay the extra yourself!)

So you can't lose - but you could win! If you get the score right, your winnings will depend on the odds set by our expert tipster - they will be on the board at the track.

If you tip the Hoskins' Hat Trick correctly, you will win £255!

Make your predictions with Kevin the Bookie at the Monarchs' Golden Double Booth.

And also...

For everyone who takes part in the Monarchs' Grand Draw, Friday night is the SUMMER SPECIAL - with a big prize of £500 to the winner!