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King's Lynn Stars v Edinburgh Monarchs

REPORT Saturday 26th August 2006, 10:00pm

by Mike Hunter

As at Sheffield, we earned high praise at King's Lynn without getting great reward in terms of our points total.

Only fact we are the third highest scorers in the league at this formidable circuit this season. It couldn't be said to be a full team effort, as William was missing (strained back) and neither Daniele nor Sean was really in the hunt for points.

The first heat was a comfortable home win, but that was about the last time we seemed to be in for a hammering, because Derek gained an excellent victory in heat 2.

Even better, Henrik was away well in heat 3 for a notable victory over Nermark, while Matthew had a battle with Harding before re-passing his fellow Aussie to give us an excellent 4-2.

Theo made a great effort in heat 4 by leading Topinka for three laps before succumbing. In the next heat Theo was in another excellent battle, though he lost out to Nermark as we suffered our second 1-5.

Heat 6 went the same way, and by heat 7 it was TR time for Henrik. We took a 5-3 behind Topinka as we kept Brundle at the back.

Derek was in the thick of heat 8, battling with John Oliver, until he lifted which took both of them wide. Daniele laid down to avoid a crash, and Oliver got the better of Sneddon.

Henrik was our next r/r in heat 9 but unfortunately lifted badly at the gate and finished at the back. He did something similar in the next one as the bike died and the score was starting to mount at 20-42.

Heat 11 was a terrific effort by Theo to lead Topinka all the way, riding a fast mid-track line.

We missed the start in heat 12 but with a great effort, Matthew caught and passed John Oliver for second. You have to fight for every point here.

Once again in heat 13 Theo put up a great effort, leading briefly before being passed by Topinka. He then had a great battle with Doolan but lost out there too..

Once again in heat 14 Henrik flipped at the start, this time going right over the back. Derek took a good second in the rerun.

We finished with another good effort. Topinka won heat 15 but Theo pushed past Doolan, followed by Matthew.

Hard work, but an effort appreciated by the home fans.