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NEWS Thursday 21st September 2006, 10:00am

by Mike Hunter

A jackpot of almost ?400 will be won by someone attending Armadale within the next fortnight.

This is the prize in the Hoskins Hat Trick, part of the Monarchs Golden Double which has been running at Armadale this season.

This involves predicting the results of heats 2, 8 and 13 - but no-one has been successful so far!

If no-one manages it on either of the next two Fridays, the prize will go to whoever predicts most of the 12 positions correctly on 29th September. (If necessary the "Spot the Score" will be used as a tie-breaker).

In that case the winner will get the 'pot' as it stands at the beginning of that meeting.

Because so many are likely to want to enter, supporters will be allowed to collect a form during the meeting on 22nd September to complete during the week and hand in on the last night.

The winner can also have two tickets to the End-of-Season dance if he/she wishes.

Of course someone may get all the races correct this week or next, and collect the full prize that way!