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NEWS Tuesday 10th October 2006, 0:01am

by Mike Hunter

The Scotwaste Monarchs will use Trent Leverington and Chris Kerr as guest riders in the Scottish Cup second leg at Glasgow on Sunday.

Kerr did an excellent job with paid 10 points in the first leg, including two wins, and Aussie Leverington has been in good form with Stoke (on loan from Glasgow) this season.

They are standing in for Daniele Tessari and Matthew Wethers who will not be riding again this season.

This is the final match of the season for the 2006 team, as well as obviously their last chance of a Trophy - though with just a 4-point advantage from last Friday's match at Armadale they start as underdogs in the second leg.

The team will be: Theo Pijper, Henrik Moller, Trent Leverington, Chris Kerr, William Lawson, Derek Sneddon, Sean Stoddart.