NEWS Sunday 22nd October 2006, 0:01am

by Mike Hunter

Monarchs' young Danish rider Henrik Moller is back at work after the fall which ruled him out of the Scottish Cup visit to Glasgow.

He said ?I was sorry to miss that but I watched on the internet and was happy that Edinburgh won! I knew that the Edinburgh supporters would enjoy it.

Henrik would be very happy to return to Monarchs' ranks next season. He said ?I would love to be back at Edinburgh next year but I know that nothing can be done until the rules are known. I said last year that if I had an average of 6 ? 7 points in my first year I would be happy, and Jan Staechmann thought that too. I am not far short of that.

?I know I could have done better last year but the biggest problem at the end of the season was that all my four engines I had in Edinburgh had blown up.

?I don't know what I will do in Denmark or Sweden next year and I won't do anything till I know whether I will be at Edinburgh or at another British club. I need to know what day I am racing.

?I am a Peterborough rider but I spoke with Trevor Swales, and though they don't know whether they want to use me, Trevor agrees with me that another Premier League season would be best. If Edinburgh want me I don't think Peterborough will stop me.

?I won't be in the Under-21 next year and I will have more time to concentrate on the league. I feel I will be more ready for next year because I know all the setups now. Last year I didn't know anything.?