NEWS Sunday 5th November 2006, 6:00pm

by Mike Hunter

At the Edinburgh Monarchs' annual dinner dance in the city on Saturday night, Scotwaste boss Stewart Melrose announced that his company will continue as team sponsors for the 2007 season.

He said ?I had the Monarchs' promoters in to see me during the week, but I didn't give them a definite answer then.

?In fact my mind was already made up, but I thought it would be a good idea to keep it for my speech at the dance! I've really enjoyed our first year of being involved with the Monarchs.

?When I first came to see speedway a couple of years ago, I found everyone so friendly. I was completely new to it, no-one knew who I was yet the supporters beside me spent time explaining what was happening.

?Then we took an advertising board and sponsored a meeting, and last year took on the team sponsorship. Throughout all that time I have found the same thing, everyone is friendly.

?It's a sport anyone can enjoy without being an expert on the rules. All the guests I've taken along have found that.?

On behalf of the club, chairman Alex Harkess replied ?It's great news that Scotwaste are back with us again, and it certainly makes the winter easier for us. We will be planning our team as soon as the promoters' conference in two weeks time is over.?

Co-promoter John Campbell reported that season ticket sales for 2007 are ahead of the corresponding time next season.

Team sponsor address: SCOTWASTE, Pond Industrial Park, Whitburn Road, Bathgate EH48 2HR (Tel. 01506 656560)