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NEWS Tuesday 27th March 2007, 7:00pm

by Mike Hunter

The Premier Trophy campaign for the Scotwaste Monarchs should get off to an exciting start this weekend, with the highly-rated Redcar Bears visiting Armadale on Friday and the Monarchs travelling to Berwick on Saturday.

Redcar of course are led by ex-World Champion Gary Havelock who visited twice last season, dropping just a single point each time. The Bears also field Armadale specialist James Grieves, American Chris Kerr and flying Frenchman Matt Tresarrieu.

TEAMS FOR THE SPRING TROPHY MATCH AT ARMADALE ON FRIDAY 30th March (start time 7.30, doors open 6.30) are:

EDINBURGH SCOTWASTE MONARCHS: Ronnie Correy (capt.), Henrik Moller, William Lawson, Daniele Tessari, Matthew Wethers, Derek Sneddon, Andrew Tully.

REDCAR BEARS: Gary Havelock (capt.), Dan Giffard, James Grieves, Chris Kerr, Matt Tresarrieu, Jamie Courtney, Rusty Hodgson.


Matthew Wethers is confident that he will be able to ride on Friday, in spite of the injury to his left ankle last week.

Matthew found Robert Ksiezak falling in front of him in heat 13, and flew over the top of the Glasgow rider.

Anything could have happened, and in the circumstances a bruised ankle was relatively minor.

?It was still a bit sore at the weekend which is why I missed Glasgow, but I should be OK,? said the Aussie who is so important to the Monarchs' cause.


Reserve Derek Sneddon didn't have as good a meeting as he had hoped at Armadale last week, but he bounced back with a superb 14 at Glasgow.

He explained ?On Friday I was really struggling to make starts. I was hoping Kevin Little would be there to keep me right with my new engine, but he couldn't make it because of the ?flu. So I was pretty much testing it by myself, and I couldn't really get it to work.

?But I changed a couple of things and it worked on Sunday, it was getting out the starts. I was very happy to get a few points on the board.?


Ronnie Correy showed his class in Sunday's match but lost points due to bike problems.

He said ?On Sunday I felt good, the engine was going well ? but that's often a sign, they go well just before they go bang!

?I'm sure all will be well this week.?


Armadale's Hospitality Lounges on Friday will host representatives of some of the companies who have fenceboard advertising at the circuit.


Redcar made their debut in speedway last year and did well, and intend to move up the rankings this season ? in spite of a shock defeat at Newcastle last Sunday.

Rated likely to win at Brough Park, they were well beaten by 53-37 with neither James Grieves nor Matt Tresarrieu going well. The Bears are sure this was just a one-off in their first meeting and things will be back to normal after they have a home meeting (against Berwick) on Thursday.

One man who did as well as ever was Havelock, who won four of his five heats at Newcastle.

James Grieves has been one of the most frequent and best visitors to Armadale over the years, and he will be expected to do well, while Chris Kerr excelled while guesting for Monarchs in the Scottish Cup last October.