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NEWS Sunday 22nd April 2007, 8:00pm

by Mike Hunter

We have managed to contact Derek Sneddon to get an update on his condition after Friday's unpleasant crash.

As he had left his mobile phone at the stadium while he left in an unscheduled ambulance ride, it was hard to get hold of him to find out news of his progress.

John McGillivray returned his phone to him on Sunday so he could receive calls! He had signed himself out of hospital on the Friday, but had to be carried into his home and helped to bed. By Sunday night he said:

?I've improved a great deal though I'm still lying down most of the time. I can walk but if I try to sit or lift anything the pain is unbelieveable. There's some muscle damage at the foot of my back and I have a sore leg. But there's definitely nothing broken.

?From this point on it will just be a case of waiting and seeing how it progresses. I'm certainly a lot better than I was on Friday night. I'd like to be sure I'm completely fit before I ride though.

?As for the crash I can remember coming out of the second bend with Daniele on one side, and when I looked to me left there was Davie doing one of his dives up the straight. He just fell in front of me and I had nowhere to go.?