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Image Credit: Ron MacNeill


NEWS Friday 22nd June 2007, 11:59pm

by Mike Hunter

The Scotwaste Monarchs slumped to one of their worst home defeats in 11 seasons at Armadale as Redcar strolled to a 50-40 victory.

The problem was pretty obvious. Three race wins, two from the rider programmed at no. 7 who probably wasn't fit to ride, is far from good enough.

James Grieves sauntered to a 15-point maximum for the second time this season, and after three previous scores of 14 Gary Havelock this time rode unbeaten also.

No blame can be attached to the middle order. The grafters of the team, Derek Sneddon and Matthew Wethers, as usual did their job. Matthew took a heavy fall in heat 11 and although willing to come out in heat 14, was ruled out by the medical staff. He deserved the respite!

Jack Roberts is riding well and learning, but making mistakes through inexperience. Andrew Tully is being asked to ride at no. 4 too soon after gaining a full time PL slot, and his awful gating is now becoming a problem for him.

The real question marks have to be placed at the top of the side against the riders whose job it is to win races. Not every race, but a reasonable haul of victories is expected.

Monarchs now have ten days to regroup and think about things. They have no home meeting next Friday but race at the Isle of Wight on Tuesday 3rd July.