NEWS Wednesday 18th July 2007, 9:15am

by Mike Hunter

Local boy Derek Sneddon is the popular choice to take on the captaincy of the Scotwaste Monarchs.

Announcing the decision, Monarchs' promoter John Campbell said "In recent weeks Derek has been inquisitive, constructive, supportive, helpful to teammates and generally has shown that his heart and soul is in the Club.

"I remember his fantastic leadership in the final year of the Dale Devils and although some of his team-mates are older and with more experience I expect his leadership qualities to shine through again."

Falkirk-based Sneddon said "I was shocked to be asked, but over the moon.

"We've had big changes in the side and it was pretty obvious to everyone that they were needed - hands up to the promotion for doing it, they've not just done it by halves!

"I can only see one way for us now and that is up. I know George Stancl well of course but I have still to meet the Finnish riders, but we will make everyone feel welcome.

"I can't wait to get on with the job."