NEWS Friday 20th July 2007, 8:15am

by Mike Hunter

Finnish star Kai Laukkanen is one of four Monarchs making their home debut in Friday night's match against Mildenhall.

?I rode at Armadale once a few years ago and I remember it.

?I'm looking forward to getting a lot of points home and away. Everything has been going well for the last month or so. I have had no problems in Sweden, and rode in the Grand Prix qualifier ? not easy meetings.

?I had a long trip to Slovenia for the qualifier on a very hot day ? 30 degrees plus in the shade, not good for white people!

?I know it won't be like that at Armadale, but I hope it won't be raining. Kalle and I will be travelling quite early to Edinburgh to get everything sorted.

?I also rode in the World Cup last weekend, it was a very hard meeting, more like the final. I had some problems with my clutch and so couldnt make the start, but my bike was very fast.

?The track in Denmark was very slick. I managed to pass one or two and might have managed some more but I ran out of laps!

?I think Vesa Ylinen is coming to Edinburgh soon, he is my team manager in Finland. He asked me to say hello to everyone. He is an old friend, we used to race together and travelled together a lot.?