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NEWS Wednesday 21st November 2007, 7:02pm

by Mike Hunter

Towards the end of the year Andrew Tully picked up a broken ankle at Scunthorpe, curtailing his season, and he is still recovering from that.

He told us ?I'm still injured. I tried going back to work last Monday ? I work on a construction site and wear steel toecapped boots which are quite heavy, and I have to carry things. I was putting quite a lot of pressure on my ankle and it got steadily worse.

?The doctor had said I shouldn't go back to work in case I damaged it, but I was bored!?

Andrew made his full time Premier League debut with Edinburgh in 2007, and was rated one of the main successes of our season.

He had been in the running for a place in 2006 but didn't feel ready.

?I had thought about it, but after breaking my leg the year before I was a bit down on confidence. I probably wasn't ready for it anyway.

?At the end of 2006 I had a couple of outings in Premier League and felt confident that I could do a decent job. I was determined to ride Premier League in 2007.

?I set myself quite high goals for last season because I want my career in speedway to progress a lot more.

It wasn't easy and I was a bit up and down during the season but I was quite pleased how it went.?

Andrew didn't stay long at reserve because after the first average calculations at the 3 home, 3 away mark, he went up into the top five.

?Everybody says it was unfortunate that I got pushed up into the team quite early, but I wasn't really bothered because I want to be moving forward. I prefer that to spending a whole year at reserve then starting the next year in the team without experience of it.

?Now I've been in the team for quite a lot of this season, and had harder rides. I'm quite happy about that.?

It was a year of some turmoil for the Scotwaste Monarchs who made dramatic changes to their lineup in mid-July. Was that unsettling for a youngster in his first PL season?

?It was a bit of an up and down season for the team as well as myself. Everybody gets a bit down when we aren't doing so well, so that didn't help the atmosphere sometimes. Definitely the best thing that happened to Edinburgh was Derek being captain ? I think everyone has noticed that.?

One of the low points of the season for Andrew was a crash with George Stancl in the home match against Newcastle, when the Czech lifted and both went into the fence.

?All good fun. George had the worst three days in a row ever, at King's Lynn, Sheffield and then Edinburgh. It wasn't his fault, he was on someone else's bike and just hit a bit on the track. That's what I get for making half a start! Maybe I should just stick to missing the start.

?I rode quite a bit with Kaj towards the end of the year, and that was fine.

?I know I'm not a good gater ? I don't enjoy not gating, it would be nice to get out in front once in a while. That is something I need to work on.?

Andrew had several excellent rides but he did remember a race with Kevin Doolan when he came very close to passing the Belle Vue man.

?I think if I had passed him that would have been my highlight of the season.

?I followed him round and on the last lap decided to try to go wide and cut back. I didn't think I'd get as much speed as I did. I drew level with him but didn't quite get through.?

He will be looking for improved equipment for next season. ?I've got new frames already and I'm looking to get another engine, but I haven't got the money at the moment ? I'd like to find some sponsors. It's hard when you don't know if you have a team place, but teams can't make signings till they know the rules.

?You could go and buy loads of machinery and then finish up without a team!?

It will be Premier only for Andrew next year. ?I don't think the rules will allow me to ride in the Conference again, unless they invent some new rules. I'd prefer to be looking towards Elite eventually. I enjoyed being busy last year ? I did training schools during the winter and riding three or four meetings per week was never a problem for me, it's good to keep busy.?