NEWS Wednesday 5th December 2007, 9:56pm

by John Campbell

Some of the decisions made at the Conference which you may not have caught up with.

1. No longer a requirement to have reserves qualified through Conference League. i.e. two foreigners can start at reserve.

2. Entry level for established riders (i.e. riders from Swedish, Polish, Czech, Danish Leagues unless they have averaged more than 6 in the top league in Sweden/Poland) is now 7.

3. A request is to be made to the Work Permits Department to allow commonwealth riders to enter at 5.00.

4. A significant balloon payment will be offered to a Premier League team that secures promotion. This will make it possible to finance an Elite League season.

5. Start date of the season has been brought forward by a week due to Easter falling so early this year.

6. With the Young Shield still in place the successful teams are likely to have a bumper season of fixtures.

7. Averages to be calculated without bonus points. Points limit 41.50 without bonus points.

8. Home win 2 points, away win 3 points draw 1 point. Aggregate point done away with.