NEWS Saturday 8th December 2007, 1:33pm

by Mike Hunter

Edinburgh announced the signing of Andrew Tully for their 2008 side at their Video Night last night.

The 20 year old who lives in Bathgate, within a very short distance of the Armadale track, was rated a slightly surprising choice for a reserve berth last year, but he fully justified the club's faith by turning in a good season's work.

His average of 5.33 (4.4 without bonus) came in spite of doing well enough to move out of the reserve berth very early, and spending the bluk of the season in the main body of the team.

There had been speculation that Andrew might like to ride for Scunthorpe, his Conference team of the last couple of years who are now in the Premier League, but this never seemed to be an issue.

He said ?I'm very pleased to be back and I hope the team can do well and win something.

?I thought I did reasonably well last year but I will be setting myself higher goals for 2008.?