NEWS Friday 14th December 2007, 8:51am

by John Campbell

The Scotwaste Monarchs have asked fans to be patient as they await further news of the 2008 team.

Said co-promoter Alex Harkess, "I can understand the supporters frustration as they await further news but all I can say at the moment is that our teams plans are progressing well.

"I can't put a timescale on the next announcement though. We've already announced the two riders that have been in every team that we have put together. We can't go any further at the moment for fear of closing a door to another rider.

"We are in negotiation with riders at the moment and if everything falls into place we will have a team that will please everyone. We've never been a club to deal in speculation and we'll not be making any further announcements until the ink is dry on the contract."