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NEWS Monday 14th January 2008, 8:34pm

by Mike Hunter

Matthew Wethers will be returning this summer for his sixth year as an Edinburgh rider.

The popular Wethers has been waiting patiently for the call to come, and agreed quickly once it did. Monarchs had a few team options but very few which would not have included Wethers.

In 2007 Matthew lifted the Monarchs' Rider of the Year Trophy and several other awards. It was his best season so far, with an average of just under 7.

There would have been a lot of unhappy fans if Matthew Wethers hadn't been re-signed, and the 22 year old Aussie is now the only rider remaining from the legendary championship season of 2003.

Matthew has ridden a few meetings back home in Australia but is continuing his usual habit of having a fairly restful winter before returning for another assault on the UK speedway scene.

EDINBURGH SCOTWASTE MONARCHS 2008: (Signed so far) Matthew Wethers, Tomas H Jonasson, Andrew Tully, Aaron Summers.