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Redcar Bears v Edinburgh Monarchs

REPORT Thursday 29th May 2008, 10:00pm

by Mike Hunter

Expectations are high of the Scotwaste Monarchs this year - but they just keep going out and exceeding them!

This was a remarkable effort as the boys kept up the pressure throughout and never let the Bears back into the match. We were 9-3 up after two heats, 26-16 after 7 heats, nullified a TS in heat 8 and took advantages in heats 13 and 15.

Ryan Fisher was the star of the show, extremely classy with five victories. In heat 14 he was outgated by Auty and Summers and was content to sit in third while Aaron tried his luck.

We were off to a good start with a win for guest Tomas Topinka over Havelock in a time described as the fastest of the season, but in fact it seems it is a track record on the reshaped track.

Andrew Tully took third, then sat with Aaron as they cruised to a 5-1 in heat 2. A great start.

Derek Sneddon made the gate off the inside in heat 3 but then shot right across the turn. Ryan Fisher spotted it, turned back and was away. The Bears also came through to share the heat.

Aaron was excluded on 2 minutes from heat 4, which was the first of several good heats involving Matthew Wethers. He hit the front and held off a powerful outside run by Ty Proctor with Andrew Tully third.

So we were 16-8 in front already but the Bears then took a 4-2 as Grieves held a narrow lead throughout from Topinka. Aaron seemed to be struggling at the rear behind Giffard.

What better way to follow that though than a win from the back for Andrew over Gary Havelock! Havvy led from the gate but Andrew caught him and pushed through on the pits corner, going on to win comfortably.

We were on a 5-1 in heat 7 as Derek made the start. Ryan went to the front and eventually Ty Proctor passed Derek, but we were now 10 points up.

Proctor was given an additional ride as a TS to bolster the weak Bears' pair in heat 8, but Ryan and Aaron took 5 points easily.

It was no surprise that Grieves took a TR in heat 9 but Matthew gave him a great battle before he edged ahead late in the race to take 6 points. However we were still 11 points ahead with all tactical options exhausted.

Ryan easily won heat 10 from Havelock, but Derek had a poor outing here and failed to catch Keskinen.

Once again Matthew lost narrowly in an exciting heat as Proctor took heat 11. Auty was snapping at Topinka's heels but spun round on the final turn.

Derek was left in heat 12 and reacted well by leading Grieves for a couple of laps. He did get passed eventually though and finished third. He may be down on confidence but at least he was still mixing it.

Heat 13 could have been an awkward one, but Matthew swept from gate 4 to lead and Topinka quietly backed up for a match-clinching 5-1.

Heat 14 looked favourable too but this time Auty finally made a start and led home Aaron and Ryan.

Just to add a bit of icing, Ryan was back on the winning trail in heat 15 with an easy win over Grieves, who had inches to spare over hard-charging Matthew Wethers.

A 17 point win, another super showing.