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NEWS Wednesday 27th August 2008, 6:22pm

by Mike Hunter

Although trailing 2-10 after two heats and 17-37 after eight, the Scotwaste Monarchs rocked the Rebels with a storming end to the match before going down 44-48 at the Oak Tree Arena.

It was a stirring effort with Ryan Fisher and Matthew Wethers to the fore throughout, and everyone else battling for points.

In fact travelling fans were left thinking back over a handful of points which perhaps could have been gained and might have produced a really sensational result.

It would be pushing things to say we were unfortunate to lose, but what a battle it was once we hit our stride at the half way point. The result and performance must give us encouragement for the League, Cup and Trophy events ahead.

The Rebels of course come to Armadale on Friday.