Fisher leads Framton and Katt Image Credit: Ron McNeill


NEWS Friday 29th August 2008, 1:01am

by Mike Hunter

Monarchs beat Somerset so heavily tonight that they overturned the race points advantage held by the Rebels and went to the top of the Premier League.

Of course there is a long way to go and the destination of the title will actually depend on away successes over the next few weeks, but it was a pretty revealing result tonight as Monarchs won by 66-24.

Jason Doyle won two heats before running into problems, but other than one flash each from Jordan Frampton and Matthias Kroger, it was one-way traffic as the Monarchs dominated the match.

No-one managed to finish unbeaten but the home scorechart was again littered with wins and paid wins as they took the lead in heat 2 and surged ahead from there on. Tully (14), Wethers (12), Fisher (11) were all in double figures as the Monarchs had a points spree in front of the biggest crowd of the season other than the Sky match.

Thomas Jonasson picked up a knock in heat 9 and also had a machine problem but it is hoped that he will be fit to ride at Stoke tomorrow.