NEWS Thursday 29th October 2009, 8:42am

by Mike Hunter

Ex-Monarch Rusty Harrison returns to Armadale to guest for us in the Elite Promotion Playoff second leg on Friday night.

He scored 8 points in his last appearance at the track for Birmingham.

It isn't easy to find guests at this time of the season, especially when the other team has unexpectedly grabbed the obvious local candidate (Derek Sneddon) for their side!

Chris Kerr meets the Wolverhampton mayor today, Josh Auty and Ricky Wells are at the Coventry dinner dance, Aussies like Josh Grajczonek and Joel Parsons are either back home or packed and ready - it gets very frustrating!

So we were very grateful to hear a positive response from Rusty, our top average man of 2005. Give him a special cheer tonight.

Just to show how much the rules of this competition favour the Elite team, Belle Vue will be using Newcastle's Mark Lemon to stand in for their wayward missing man Lubos Tomicek.

Let's hope for good weather and a rousing finish to the season.