Stewart Melrose and his daughter with captain Matthew Image Credit: Ron MacNeill


NEWS Saturday 31st October 2009, 10:56am

by Mike Hunter

The main news from the club's annual dinner-dance was that Scotwaste will be back with us for their fifth year as team sponsor in 2010.

Yes, time flies and it doesn't really seem that long since we first met Stewart Melrose. But as both he and Alex Harkess said at the dance, the relationship has become more of a friendship than a business arrangement now.

Stewart also said "We believe the relationship will continue to be mutually beneficial to both of us." The announcement was pretty informal and Stewart almost forgot to mention that the team sponsorship was continuing, it just seemed to be taken for granted!

With the season ending (with a bump) on Friday and the dance Saturday, no further team signings for 2010 have been finalised yet, but John Campbell predicted that the team may well be in place by the end of November.