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Image Credit: Ron MacNeill

Redcar Bears v Edinburgh Monarchs

REPORT Thursday 29th April 2010, 10:00pm

by Mike Hunter

The Scotwaste Monarchs took a very important win at Redcar, picking up the key points over the closing heats with a great display from Ryan Fisher being the dominant factor.

The American has never been better, and even though he didn't gate all that well in the final heat, his wide-line riding was irresistible and secured victory for the team.

It was an enjoyable night in spite of the steady drizzle, with the scores level for much of the evening and never more than 4 between the sides. For Redcar, Suchanek was a revelation on a new engine but Adam McKinna proved to be a very poor guest.

The first heat was quite intriguing. Bears won the toss and took the outside. Jozsef Tabaka made a good start but Suchanek slipped inside him round the first turn, only for Fisher to storm round the wide line to the front. That's how it stayed with Tabaka riding very steadily and not giving the disappointing Havelock a chance.

Stuart Swales won heat 2 but Bekker and Katakisto were on his tail, with McKinna well back.

Matthew Wethers jumped into the tapes in heat 3, and Bekker took his place. Wilson led all the way but Wolbert pushed him hard, with Suchanek not far way in third.

Heat 4 went to Sanchez with Tully looking quick enough in second and Katajisto well clear of McKinna.

Heat 5 was thoroughly annoying. At the first attempt Fisher and Tabaka were clear, but the red lights went on for no obvious reason. Next, Swales made the gate but Tabaka made an impressive move to work round the outside of him, only for Swales to push out, and out - and send Tabaka spinning off.

Jozsef was excluded, a very harsh decision indeed. Fisher took the rerun easily to keep the scores level.

Heat 6 was an ominous one with Suchanek and Havelock heading Tully pretty comfortably. It looked at this stage as though Andrew's struggles of the previous Friday had not been resolved.

The deficit was turned straight back again though with a fine 5-1 in heat 7. Wolbert led all the way and won by miles, with Wethers getting the better of a great tussle with Sanchez, passing and re-passing here.

The now-flying Suchanek took heat 8 after Kalle had brifly led, but again McKinna (surprisingly left in) was well behind Tabaka and Katajisto.

Wilson took his second win in heat 9, and his partner Swales was striving to come from the back and get round Tully and Katajisto when his bike stopped.

Wolbert swept to another huge win in heat 10 and was looking really impressive, but this time Wethers was shut out by Bears' opening pair.

For some reason McKinna replaced Swales in heat 11, and Redcar paid the price. Fisher won again from Sanchez and Tabaka easily took third. We were two up now.

That was reversed again in an excellent heat 12 in which Wilson just held off Wolbert, and Swales just held off Katajisto. Kale clearly needed more speed and was missing his big track engine which he wrecked the previous Friday.

We needed to dig deep now. Fisher stormed away with heat 13 and crucially Andrew Tully slipped past Sanchez off the second bend for a vital third, putting us ahead once more.

Wilson had only dropped one point, Matthew had only had one scoring ride, but it was our skipper who got ahead in heat 14 to keep our noses in front. Kalle again just lost to Swales.

Into the final heat, we were looking good with Ryan and Kevin going so well. In fact the Fish didn't make the best of starts but he headed straight for the dirt, where none of the home riders seemed keen to ride, and no-one was ever going to hold him off.

A very good win and a morale booster after Freaky Friday the week before.