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Image Credit: Ron MacNeill

Edinburgh Monarchs v Scunthorpe Scorpions

REPORT Friday 28th May 2010, 10:00pm

by Mike Hunter

Outstanding performances by Fisher, Tully and thrillmaker Katajisto proved too much for Scunthorpe as the Scotwaste Monarchs scored a 25-point victory.

Not only did Ryan win all of his five heats with ease, but he started the night by knocking a remarkable 0.7 secs off the long-standing track record in the first heat. Jozsef took advantage of a bad first turn by Simon Lambert to take the point.

Kalle was on a different engine from last week but any fears that it might not perform as well were dispelled as he flew round to win heat 2 in a time which also beat the old record. Partner Max Dilger was well at the rear though.

Our middle pairing has been our main source of heat advantages and they got off to a good start with a comfortable 5-1 over Carl Wilkinson.

Even more impressively, Andrew Tully forced his way ahead in heat 4, with attention focussing on a great battle for second in which Kalle and David Howe passed and repassed. Our man got the better of it to put us 10 points clear already.

That meant Magnus Karlsson took a TR in heat 5, and he took the six points though Matthew kept right on his tail throughout and looked like passing once or twice.

Ryan Fisher had Howe on his tail for most of heat 6, and there was a gift for Tabaka when Jerran Hart fell, perhaps due to David Howe passing him at extremely close quarters!

Andrew Tully kept his good form and fast starts going in heat 7, but Max Dilger?s ride was very disappointing, feebly losing third place to Tero Aarnio who is anything but a track specialist.

Heat 8 was another super Kalle-show, riding neck and neck with Wilkinson before rounding him for another great win.

Our smooth stroll towards victory was interrupted in heat 9 when Howe and Hart got to the front. Both Wolbert and Wethers pressed Hart but without success, a good ride by the visiting reserve.

We got it straight back though, Fisher and Katajisto easily heading the Scorpions? middle pair.

Andrew Tully did well from gate 1 to hold out Karlsson round the first corner of heat 11, but there was still no joy for Dilger, well back again.

Against the visitors? weakest two riders we took an easy 5-1 in heat 12 through Katajisto and Wolbert, moving 15 points ahead.

Heat 13 was an all-star heat indeed, and it was Fisher away again. Tully made a great move round the outside and was going in to second when Ryan blocked him, thinking it was an opposition rider!

That dropped Andrew back behind Karlsson but he didn?t give up, chased hard and eventually came under Magnus on the pits corner of lap three. He went through cleanly but Magnus found himself awkwardly placed, and came down against the fence.

The heat was awarded as a 5-1 to us. With Kalle coming in to heat 14 it was no surprise that we took another maximum advantage there, and the young Finn was handed the chance to join our exclusive ?21 Club? when he was given his seventh ride in the final heat.

This was a good finish ? Fisher was quickly away to complete his full maximum, and on the first lap Kalle slipped into second by cutting between the leader and David Howe. However he drifted on the fourth turn and Howe regained second, which he held on to in spite of Kalle?s best efforts.