NEWS Friday 9th July 2010, 0:13am

by Mike Hunter

Nothing went right in our challenge for the Premier Pairs as we went out at the qualifying stage while Sheffield deservedly took the title.

It was a night of problems for the Scotwaste Monarchs duo. Kevin Wolbert, travelling down from Edinburgh, became the latest rider to hit transport problems en route, as he said ?I travelled for nine hours and for three hours I was not moving!?

He made it to the track with very few minutes to spare and was understandably agitated, and not properly prepared for heat 2.

In fact he never got going at all on an engine specially prepared for the meeting, and only when he switched to his second bike for his final ride did he look his usual self and take a second place.

He didn't even have his own steel shoe, borrowing one from Somerset reserve Jake Anderson.

Ryan Fisher didn't fare a great deal better though he did arrive in time. He hadn't realised that club race jackets were required and rode without his, picking up a ?50 fine.

He had clutch problems all night and didn't take his last ride.

Ryan's one reasonable ride was his second when he chased Josh Grajczonek home.

We were the lowest scoring pair on the night, a big disappointment when we should have been amongst the favourites. We lost a 7-2 to Rye House, a 6-3 to Glasgow, a 7-2 to Scunthorpe and a 6-3 to Sheffield.

Winners were Sheffield (with Josh Auty outstanding) who beat 2009 winners Birmingham in the final. Somerset beat Glasgow in the third place race-off.