At Scunthorpe last season Image Credit: RonMacNeill


NEWS Sunday 6th February 2011, 11:23am

by Mike Hunter

Kevin Wolbert will be combining his Monarchs' duties with a doubling-up role at Birmingham in 2011.

He is ?paired' with James Wright in the Brummies ranks for their venture into Elite League racing. Birmingham boss Graham Drury is very happy with his capture, and for Kevin it is the role he wanted during the coming season.

Assuming he justifies his inclusion (as he is well capable of doing) and gets plenty of matches, this is likely to be Kevin's main focus of racing this summer. He is linked now with Brokstedt in the much-reduced German league (MC Gustrow have closed), and has no Polish club at the moment.

Kevin starts his season with an appearance in the Ben Fund Bonanza at Scunthorpe on 12th March.

Matthew Wethers has been involved in discussions about doubling up without getting a place yet, and there is one other Monarch of 2011 hoping to land an Elite place.