Tim Webster Image Credit: Ian Charles


NEWS Wednesday 29th June 2011, 7:49pm

by Mike Hunter

  Edinburgh Monarchs

The Edinburgh Scotwaste Monarchs welcome 22 year old Tim Webster to their ranks for Friday's match against Newcastle, replacing Lee Dicken.

The change is subject to BSPA approval.

Tim, born in Birmingham, has been racing for Stoke this year and has been having his best season in the sport. He doesn't have much Premier League experience, though he has turned out as a guest for Plymouth a couple of times this year. He was the winner of the National League Pairs along with Simon Lambert this year, at one of his old tracks Newport.

He is also the highest average NL rider not yet in the PL.

He may not be a very familiar name to the Monarchs' support yet. John Campbell says ?We had already decided that if we were going to make a change at reserve we would like to get someone who can gate. Life's so much easier if you can do that.

?However Tim's regular track is Stoke and their sweeping turns are somewhat different from our tight corners, so Tim may need a week or two to settle in to our more challenging circuit.?

He will miss Saturday's match at Leicester but rejoin the team for the fixtures at Somerset and Sheffield next week.