Maurice sponsoring Michal Makovsky at the 2009 Scottish Open Image Credit: Ron MacNeill


NEWS Sunday 23rd October 2011, 9:07pm

by Mike Hunter

We have received the very sad news that Monarchs' supporter and sponsor Maurice Gordon has died at his home in Peebles.

Maurice (usually pronounced the French way) has been a super enthusiast for many years, sponsoring meetings at Armadale (most recently the 1st July match v Newcastle). He also regularly sponsored one of our match heats (the St Bernards FC and Peebles Rovers heat in conjunction with George Park.)

He also followed his local football and cricket teams, being scorer for the latter and reporting on both sports for the Peebles newspaper. He also wrote a speedway column for them in the Powderhall days.

He first went to Speedway in 1967, then more regularly from 1980. He had been living alone since his mother died. Many at Armadale know him, and friends were concerned when he missed Friday's meeting, though of course they did not expect the news to be so bad.

In our photo he is seen in his trademark cricket jersey with Monarchs' scarf. His enthusiasm and support will be greatly missed.