NEWS Saturday 10th December 2011, 10:51pm

by Mike Hunter

The Scotwaste Monarchs' promoters announced tonight at the Video Night the seven riders they want to carry the blue and gold in the 2012 season.

Six of these are done and dusted - Andrew Tully, Matthew Wethers, Derek Sneddon, Theo Pijper, Micky Dyer and Charles Wright. The seventh man should be Craig Cook and the only reason that his arrangements have not been completed is that Craig has had to attend Hospital in recent days to be with his uncle who is unwell.

So assuming Craig agrees shortly, there are just three of last year's team back in the side. Kalle Katajisto is likely to race in Scandinavia only, and Kevin Wolbert looks like getting his wish to be a full-time Elite League rider.

Derek, Matthew, Theo and Charles were all present at the video night and received a very warm welcome.

Andrew Tully thus returns for his sixth consecutive season, and whatever happens he will be the highest average rider at the start of the season.

Matthew Wethers of course reaches the magical ten seasons as a Monarch, a very unusual feat these days.

Derek Sneddon will please his many fans by returning after three seasons on Tyneside, to bring his determined style of racing back to the Monarchs.

Theo Pijper hasn't been a Monarch since 2007 but had a good year last year when he became the only rider to win league titles with both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Micky Dyer is a 20-year old Australian of great potential who was fourth in the Aussie Under-21 last January, ahead of numerous quality performers. He is from Orange, NSW.

Charles Wright has been seen most commonly in the colours of Workington and should be very handy starting off in the reserve berth.