NEWS Thursday 2nd February 2012, 12:00pm


"The fixtures for the Scotwaste Monarchs' 2012 season are available now in the fixtures section of

We have three major team competitions this summer, the League Cup, Premier League and

Knockout Cup (in which we start against Rye House).

With Matthew Wethers having completed 10 seasons with Monarchs we are delighted to be staging

his Testimonial on 17th August, and we have moved the Scottish Open to an earlier slot on opening night, 23rd March. This should mean that we can put together an attractive field, which has become increasingly difficult in mid-season.

Keyline Broxburn have backed this meeting since 2005 and while they are still as involved as ever

with the club as valued sponsors, they will not be sponsoring the Scottish Open this time, so that

meeting is available for sponsorship.

It is a full season once again and the issuing of the fixtures always brings the rise of the tapes that bit