The team plus Jimmy Mac and the Trophy Image Credit: Ron MacNeill


NEWS Friday 30th March 2012, 1:00am

by Mike Hunter

A tremendous display by the Scotwaste Monarchs tonight brought them their first Trophy of the season, completely making up for the disappointment of the first leg last Sunday with a 56-36 win on the night and a 94-88 aggregate victory.

Everyone contributed in the kind of showing the team was built to provide, but the star of the show was Craig Cook who has never been better in his time with us.

He passed Grajczonek on the first lap of heat 4, dropped a point when he was perhaps slightly complacent after outgating Grieves in heat 7, then beat Screen twice with super rides. We needed to avoid a 1-5 in the final race and the way Cookie was going, that was never a problem as he stormed to the front to beat Screen again.

That final heat was the best of the night with Andrew Tully joining in to take a hard fought third place from Grieves, impressive again.

In the early stages it looked as though Glasgow's heat leaders might dominate. They had five of the first seven race winners, punctuated only by Micky Dyer (heat 2, a win on his home debut for the team) and Cook in heat 4. But Monarchs provided the last EIGHT race winners!

It's a big boost for the season ahead with six of our riders winning races and the other, Charles Wright, recording three paid wins!

The Spring (Trophy) is back at Armadale!