PREVIEW Saturday 31st August 2013, 3:00pm

by Toby Lerone

The Scotwaste Monarchs are on the road again on Saturday for one of their four remaining away league matches against teams in contention for play off places.

Leicester Lions provide the opposition and their play off chances are very much on a knife edge as wins in this match and in their final away match at Newcastle are not certain to take them into the top six. However, it does make this evening's match absolutely vital for the Lions.

The Lions have made changes for this match by dropping the injured Kauko Nieminen and replacing him with Swede Linus Eklof. Also out is James Sarjeant and in to replace him id Simon Nielsen. However, they have suffered a massive blow with the loss of Kevin Doolan to injury on Wednesday night with broken ribs at King's Lynn.

The match is also vital for the Scotwaste Monarchs as we strive to finish at the top of the Premier League to have first pick in the play off selection. It seems likely that Somerset will finish with 57 points and that will be the target for other to exceed.

Scotwaste Monarchs will be without Max Fricke who was involved in the heat 8 horror crash at Armadale on Friday night. He was released from the Monklands General Hospital in the very early hours of Saturday morning with severe bruising and he has been advised to rest on his back for two days before seeking further medical attention. Rider replacement will give extra rides to Claus Vissing, Jozsef Tabaka and the reserves. Liam Carr will again be guesting at reserve.

Kyle Newman, the other rider involved in the heat 8 crash, has suffered a torn bicep muscle in his right arm and some damage to his fingers but should be back in action in a fortnight.

A win for the Scotwaste Monarchs on Saturday night will take them back to the top of the Premier League.