Maybe we'll try three on a bike Image Credit: Ron MacNeill


NEWS Saturday 28th September 2013, 10:03pm

by Mike Hunter

  Edinburgh Monarchs

Workington have beaten Ipswich 50-40 in the Premier Playoffs tonight to complete a notable double over the Witches and finish their four matches with a total of 8 points, with a points difference of +4.

The Witches, who may have started as group favourites, now cannot qualify but the Scotwaste Monarchs know what they have to do. We have 4 points from our matches with the Comets, and have a points difference of +10.

It will therefore be enough to take 4 points from the matches with Ipswich plus not lose by more than 5 points on aggregate over the two matches (that would almost certainly follow - it would be unlikely, but we could take 4 points on Thursday but lose heavily on Friday to cause a deterioration in our points difference).

Ipswich put up a good fight at Derwent Park – it would have helped us if they had got one or two points – but they lost Rohan Tungate after a crash in his second ride.

It was also a trifle frustrating to see that Ashley Morris scored 1 point for Workington. Last week against ourselves, Chris Schramm guested in his place and scored 13. But these things happen.

We just need to ensure that we are at our best for the two biggest matches of the season coming up.