NEWS Monday 16th December 2013, 11:44am

by Toby Lerone

  Edinburgh Monarchs

With the full line up now confirmed for the Scotwaste Monarchs in 2014 we are now pleased to confirm the season opening date.

As has been traditional for many years, the Glasgow Tigers will provide the opposition for our season opener which will take place on Friday, 28th March 2014. However, in a move from tradition the meeting will be the first leg of an Air Fence Challenge against the Tigers.

Said Monarchs Chairman, Alex Harkess, "We have always anticipated holding a meeting at Armadale in support of our air fence fund raising and I am hopeful that this meeting will be the extra push to take us to our final target of £20,000. Our fund raising has been going well and with one or two other events planned for the winter we expect our fund to keep increasing but we will still be a substantial four figure sum short when we get to the start of the season so this should be the perfect way to reach the target."

Riders from both teams will be donating their services and it is hoped that all supporters will donate the normal admission price to attend the fixture.

The Scotwaste Monarchs will undertake a recipricol fixture on Sunday 30th March as the second leg of the challenge in what will be Tigers season opener.

Of course every fixture against our local rivals is important but if any added spice is required Kevin Wolbert and Theo Pijper leading the Tigers should certainly offer that.