NEWS Thursday 30th January 2014, 9:32pm

by Toby Lerone

We've had quite an amazing response to our forthcoming Brief History event and our first batch of tickets have already gone and that's six weeks before the show takes place.

There has been huge demand for the event at Boroughmuir Rugby Clubhouse on 14th March and within a fortnight our original allocation, significantly larger than we sold for the Evening with Craig Cook, has been sold. But fear not for a second batch of tickets will go on sale shortly. To ensure that you get a ticket next time you should click here and register your interest NOW.

Six weeks is important for another reason. We now expect our air fence to be fully in place by the middle of March so we are reaching an important point in our fund raising. And just as we do that we have hit our first week of stagnant fund raising. The fund total stands at the same level as last week at £13277.90. However, we do know that we will get a significant boost on 14th March.