Image Credit: Ron MacNeill


NEWS Thursday 26th March 2015, 9:35pm

by Toby Lerone

Over the last twenty four hours or so the majority of Border Roofing Monarchs have been in action warming up for action in the team's colours this weekend.

Craig Cook had his second training meeting in Poland on Wednesday afternoon when he failed to score for Gorzow at the notoriously difficult Zielona Gora track. He was upbeat afterwards though and said, "Good speed all night but bike was slow to the first turn. I was battling for positions all night. Bike felt like it was slowing in the last heat so I pulled over whilst in 3rd, I thought this was best as it is a new engine and I didn't want to throw another 5 thousand down the drain. I'm very happy with my performance and so are the people from the club, this was definitely a step in the right direction for me and I've gained some valuable experience."

On Wednesday evening Max Clegg was riding in the return leg of the Travel Plus Trophy for Cradley against Birmingham. Last week he dropped just one point in the away leg but this week he managed just 9 + 1 in the home leg. Of course Cradley and Birmingham share the same Perry Barr Stadium so both matches were at home...or away.

On Thursday evening Sam Masters and Justin Sedgmen were in action in the Bob Kilby Memorial Meeting at Swindon. On this occasion it was Justin who held the upper hand scoring 9 with Sam managing 7, the same score as Max Fricke. Scott Nicholls won the meeting.

Sam now moves onto Peterborough on Friday when he guests for Rye House in their match with the Panthers.