Image Credit: Mike Bishop


NEWS Tuesday 31st March 2015, 8:40pm

by Toby Lerone

With the start of the season just three days away we are pleased to announce the installation of a 50 seat grandstand on the fourth turn of the track.

Over the last few seasons we have gradually increased the number of seats in the stadium on a piecemeal basis but we have always hoped to position something more substantial in place.

On this occasion it has been made possible with significant financial assistance from Norma and Eddie McKenna of Border Roofing.

The grandstand was pre-assembled and delivered to Armadale on Friday and installed by Ronnie Anderson and his team. Those who attended on Saturday got a sneak preview of the view available from the new seats.

There will be a charge of £1 for those who wish to sit in the stand and we will also be offering the opportunity to reserve a specific seat for the season. The grandstand attendant will have forms on Friday giving details of the reservation scheme.

The Easter Bunny will be making an appearance on Friday handing out Easter Eggs to the first 150 kids to enter the stadium.

The Monarch of the Match award is still available for sponsorship. Anyone wishing to sponsor the award on Friday can do so for £50 and anyone wishing to take on the award for the season should speak to anyone of the management on Friday or phone the stadium on 01501 734404.