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Edinburgh Monarchs v Glasgow Tigers

REPORT Friday 24th April 2015, 10:00pm

by Mike Hunter

Both teams were looking for points to carry them towards the League Cup semi-final, and the result was a very enjoyable meeting in spite of dismal weather.

Glasgow were looking for a point at least, Edinburgh wanted to prevent that and the scores hovered around a margin of 6-10 throughout the evening.

Craig Cook equaled his own track record in heat 1, a home 5-1, and the German duo added a 4-2 in heat 3.

Erik Riss is clearly improving but he fell in third place in heat 5 as both teams started to throw points away.

Heat 6 was a classic with Justin Sedgmen in front pressed by Nick Morris and Cook. Cook tried to squeeze inside but was eventually forced to take a wider route, roaring to the front to complete another 5-1.

Tigers then used Aaron Summers on a TR, and the visiting pair kept the formidable Sam masters behind them till the last corner. However in trying to swap positions they gave Masters a chance, which he grabbed with a bold burst across the line for a win.

However Sedgmen then blew a motor at the start of heat 8 and Tigers were back to a 6-point deficit. That was still the case with the last three heats remaining, and they were dramatic.

Morris rode a brilliant race to win heat 13 in spite of having both the home men pressing hard throughout the race. Heat 14 should have been a surprise 5-1 to Monarchs as Riss and Rob Branford held a comfortable advantage, but they got too close to each other and Riss fell.

So Monarchs needed an advantage from the last heat. Cook and Masters gated but Morris roared through between them and very nearly took the lead again. Cook just held him off, though Morris got the better of Masters after a great scrap.