Workington Comets v Edinburgh Monarchs

REPORT Saturday 25th April 2015, 10:00pm

by Mike Hunter

In our final League Cup match, a point would have guaranteed that we finish at the top of the section, but with Kevin Wolbert called away for a pair event back home we were certainly weakened.

Rider replacement scored 3+1 which Kevin would surely have exceeded, so a 10-point win was not too bad a result, and it did leave us top of the section on race points difference.

It proved to be a match of unpredictable results, and all-important gating. Our best early heat was a surprise 5-1 in heat 3 from Justin Sedgmen and Erik Riss, the latter continuing to show signs of being a real prospect.

Sedgmen went on to win three races, and it could have been more but for a couple of indecisive first corners.

On his old track where he is usually very close to invincible, Craig gated poorly and started with two 5-1s against, something of a shock. He eventually won heat 13.

Sam Masters won a couple of heats put was shoved out of contention on the first corner of heat 13 as we tried to close in on a point.

Rob Branford was competitive for most of the night and took some good points. He led heat 8 for a while but lost the lead to Wells just as Erik Riss passed Greaves, the first overtakes of the meeting.

Rusty Harrison clipped the fence in heat 14 and suffered injury, and after a long delay the final heat was run with Monarchs needing a 5-1 to take the point we wanted. Photos show Rene Bach going over the white line on his way to victory, while Craig and Sam eventually managed to carve up Howarth to keep the margin at 10, which should ensure that we finish as section winners.