Glasgow Tigers v Edinburgh Monarchs

REPORT Sunday 27th September 2015, 10:00pm

by Mike Hunter

  Edinburgh Monarchs

We should have been elated going to Glasgow with a 21-point lead from Friday but the absence of Max and Kevin, the latter after the bad news on Saturday night, was something of a downer. The tie could still be in the balance.

Or it was reasonable to think that anyway. No-one tol;d the riders though, and with a display of passion and skill they tore into the Tigers from the off and as Alex Harkess said, “Buried them!”

At the end of the year we will do another count on the Cookie / Sedgie 5-1s but what a great way to start the meeting it is. With Glasgow moving Nieminen to no. 2 for the big bang start, we whacked them for a maximum advantage, and not only that, Rob Branford repeated his achievement of Friday and led home the reserves, again after a great second bend and back straight.

Heat 3, Morris gated – and Erik went sweeping round him to the front for a great win! Sam taking the first rider replacement was third. 8-16.

Heat 4, Sam again over Aaron Summers, Rob another third. Heat 5, Morris in front, Craig at the back but he went so quickly down the back straight he passed everyone and almost buried himself in the fourth bend air fence! But Craig first, Sedgy third made it 20-10 already!

No letup yet, Sam won again in heat 6 and Coty Garcia was showing up well until Richard Lawson barged into him and he dropped back.

Heat 7 and Summers at last provided Glasgow with a heat winner, ahead of Erik and Justin who shared the heat. However we took another Sedgmen / Branford 4-2 in heat 8 and with the score at 30-18 it was entirely all over.

We would have won the match had we got the 5-1 we deserved in heat 15, but we won’t worry too much about that decision to exclude Craig after Nick Morris fell. We don’t want to spoil the memories.

It was a sporting occasion with as always, fans standing together in both legs to support their teams. There are one or two ‘mouthies’ on both sides but in general the fans added a great deal to a memorable speedway occasion.