NEWS Saturday 7th November 2015, 11:43am

by Toby Lerone

The big social event of the Border Roofing Monarchs season takes place tonight when the majority of our great 2015 team assemble for one last time at the Edinburgh Capital Hotel.

Sam Masters has flown in from Australia for the event as has Erik Riss although he stopped off on the way in Germany. Kevin Wolbert has also made the trip from Germany. The guys with the really long trips have been Rob Branford, Max Clegg making the long trip from England.

If the celebrations in the stadium bar are anything to go by after our Championship success on 17th October then tonight will be another memorable occasion.

The numbers attending this year's event are far in excess of last year's event but we are in a much bigger hall.

The Edinburgh Capital Hotel is situated at 187 Clermiston Road, Edinburgh, EH12 6UG. Guests should be in their seats by 7.00pm for dinner. Pre-dinner drinks available from 6.00pm